Next week in Senior Infants we will be starting our Bedtime Reading Club . The school has purchased a fantastic array of books for Senior Infants that can be borrowed every Monday and brought back the following week to exchange for a new book. This club will teach your child how to use the library and how to read for pleasure.

Reading to your child is such an important part of their development and it also is a great opportunity for you to spend time together. The club is run by parents for the children. We need parents to help distribute the books every Monday for 15-20 minutes straight after school. This is a small amount of time that will hopefully bring a lot of enjoyment to the young children.

If you would like to take part please e-mail me at and come to our first meeting on Monday November 14th at 8.45 am in the staff room. After that books can be borrowed once a week on a Monday after school.  As a school we really appreciate the effort that parents make to contribute to clubs such as this and we rely on parental involvement for the clubs to be successful. I look forward to hearing from you,

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