Board of Management News

The board of management of the school held its monthly meeting this week. The board is currently working on the enrolment policy for the special class which will open in the school towards the end of this year. If you want any information about our special class for children with autism please contact the office.

The board are fully supportive of the school and the PTA in revising the afternoon traffic plan for the school. The board would like to remind all parents that the ball courts are the property of the school and any user of this space does so at the boards discretion. If any driver is consistently not following the car park stewards or parking rules they will be asked not to drive on the school grounds in future.

The board will meet with inspectors during the whole school evaluation. There is a great sense of the welcome that everybody gets when they walk through the gates of Lucan East ETNS and the high standards set by all aspects of our school community from students, teachers and parents alike. The board is also looking at ways to use our school building to raise money for the school. Currently the school rents space to the montessori/after school, Silat marshal arts group and Chorus choir.

The board will meet again next February