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Board of Management January 2012
The school’s board of management held their monthly meeting on Wednesday January 24th. The Board sent a vote of thanks to Úna O’Neill who has been working as part of the housekeeping staff in the school and has moved on. A note of thanks was also given to Olayinka Egbesekin who has served on our board for the last for years but has had to resign due to work commitments.
The board are delighted that the school will host a launch of all our arts projects on April 27th 2012. This promises to be a great day and the minister for children will be attending.
The board is investigating the possibility of opening a special class for children specific speech and language disorder. This would be a class for seven children and would give them two years of intensive work in a small group with regular access to speech therapy before they return to a mainstream class in a school in the area.
The board also ratified the music policy which had been formulated and prepared by the staff in the school. The board would like to thank the staff for all their hard work particularly the extra work they are undertaking as part of the Croke Park Agreement.
The board fully supports the Walk to school and park and stride initiative that the school will shortly embark on. Walking to school is great for your health and great for the environment. The board asks that all cars going in and out of the school obey the traffic rules of the lollipop ladies.
The school will work on building up the libraries in each classroom before the end of the school year. We are also getting an ICT contract for maintaining all our ICT equipment in the school. We also hope to do an ethos self evaluation next year which will involve all members of the school community.



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