We are going for a second green flag! The energy flag!

More than half of our school children want to get the second green flag because we already have one.

But this year, it would be hard to get it because when me and Priscilla do recycling we always see lights turned on. Also there  are doors left open and computers on and nobody is in the classroom.

(If we close the doors and turn computers off and try to get the energy flag we will be very proud. It does not mean we have to stop recycling, because all of the classes are putting the rubbish in the wrong bins.) Even our class does it and we are 1 of the best classes at recycling.

Children in our school have forgotten how to recycle and where to put banana skins. I think we do not really deserve that flag, because just think we did recycling well and we got the flag .Also we forgot about recycling. So is the same thing going to happen with the energy flag?

If yes I do not see the point in getting the energy flag and then just forgetting about it and stop doing it. The same thing has  happened to recycling. We got the flag. Then we started throwing pears in the wrong bin and did not even care if it had to go in the compost bin but somehow people threw it in the recycling bin.

We want to get the second green flag.   But when we will get it will we forget about the things you need to do to save energy?

I do want to get the second green flag. But if we are just going to get the flag and then stop turning off the lights and closing the doors. Then we do not need the flag or we do not deserve it.

I think all classes forget to close the door or close the windows. Well they forget something. None of the classes do it perfectly.

I think we should get the 2nd green flag because more than half of the children try. I believe that every class tried last year to get the 1st green flag. So this time we should try hard too. If we save energy we won’t need to pay that much money and buy something nice for the school and get the energy flag.

It is good to get a green flag because we learn how to do something new and get better at it.

I think our school would be proud to get the 2nd green flag because every year new children come. And at the first day his or her parents will come to school and see our 2nd green flag and say this school knows how to save electricity. So why should not we bring our child here to this school?

Say if an inspector came and saw how we had done and another school did bad she would say visit Lucan East School and look how well they have done and then the other school will start talking about us.


By Ruta



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