Principal’s news

A chairde (friends),

Football success

I would like to congratulate all the boys and girls who have been representing the school so well on our GAA teams this year. The school has been competing in the the Dublin GAA school leagues for the last two years and the progress has been amazing. Many thanks to Paula, Orlagh, Colm, Simon, Tom, Niall and Caroline for making gaelic games so popular and enjoyable in the school and giving their time to go to matches in all corners of the capital. I recently attended the Women’s all Ireland football final with our girl’s teams and Paula and Orlagh which was a great event. We hope that all our players build on the skills they have learned here in school and join their local GAA club.


Many thanks to all parents for their cooperation with the traffic plan here at the school. There is a really nice atmosphere as everybody leaves the school every day. There is no need to be worried if you are late collecting your child because there is no space. We will hang onto them until you arrive. It is great to see so many families walking to school as well.

Parent Teacher Association

The parent teacher association recently held their AGM in the school which was a great evening. The committee has been elected and the new officers will be chosen from the committee within the next few weeks.



Confirmation letters of interest have been sent out to all parents under our old system of enrolment for next year. They will need to be returned by Monday 10th of October. The Lucan Common Enrolment System (LCES) is up and running and there is a really informative post on this website on how exactly it works.

Twitter and website

Lucan East is really trying yto become a paperless school. I urge you to follow us on twitter which gives you a really good insight of the work going on in the school on a daily basis. It would be great if every family in the school was following us on twitter. Twitter is a free app on all apple and android phones.


Bíodh Deireadh Seachtaine deas agaibh (have a great weekend),