Regular absences and poor punctuality (lateness) have a negative impact on a student’s learning and development, and therefore should be avoided whenever possible. Our school day begins at 8.40am and students are expected to be lined up in the yard by this time.  Students who arrive late to school must report to the office and sign in. If a student is absent, the parent must write a note or email the class teacher explaining their absence. A doctor’s note may also be given to the teacher instead of a written note or email.

Parents can do a great deal to support the regular and punctual attendance of their children. Parents should:

  1. Take an active interest in their child’s school life and school work
  2. Attend parents’ evening and other school events if possible
  3. Ensure that their child completes his/her homework and goes to bed at an appropriate time
  4. Be aware of letters from school which their child brings home by their checking schoolbag everyday
  5. Ensure that their child arrives at school on time each day
  6. Ensure that their child only musses school for reasons which are unavoidable or justified, such as illness
  7. Always notify the school as soon as possible (preferably on the first morning) of any absence
  8. Confirm this in writing when the child returns to school
  9. Avoid booking family holidays during the school term
  10. Talk to the school if they are concerned that their child may be reluctant to attend
  11. Avoid collecting their child unexpectedly from school as this causes significant disruption to teaching and learning

If you need any help or advice regarding punctuality, attendance, homework or any of the issues outlined above, please get in touch with Rebecca, our Home School Liaison Teacher. Call into my office – room 38, text/call me on 0861701972 or email I am here to help the parents and children in any way I can.

Attendance and Punctuality


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