Dear Parents/Guardians

Books and materials for next year can be purchased directly from the school. This cost covers all books, book rental schemes, copy books, art materials and photocopying. This year we have had to introduce an extra charge of €10 to cover the Educate Together membership subscription which has increased to €15 per child (the school will subsidise the rest).
The cost of each class is as follows: (detailed list is in the office on request)

Junior infants    €112.00

Senior infants     €114.00

1st class             €123.00

2nd class            €118.00

3rd class            €112.00

4th class             €112.00

5th class             €110.00

6th class             €105.00

The last book savings club will be on Wed 1st June and all other school books will be on sale in the school on Thurs 9th June at drop off and collection times.

Parents can also pay for school books by using our new online payment system. You will receive a text message containing your payment access link, just click on the link and follow the steps or log into the parent portal to see the amount owed. Any books paid for online will be handed out to the children before the end of June. We would encourage all parents to pay using this method if they can.


Kind Regards
Eddie Fox


Please note that any parent in receipt of social welfare payments may be entitled to the ‘back to school allowance’ payment. This allowance covers the cost of purchasing books, materials and clothing for school. To apply for this allowance, please contact the Community Welfare Officer at Lucan Health Centre, 1A Sarsfield Park, Lucan Village (016281395).



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