Last friday evening the PTA  gathered together in the school. Their weeks of meticulous planning were about to pay off. They wanted to have a community day that celebrated all the families in the school. There were lots of decorating and organising and finally the school was ready.

The summerfest was a brilliant day with lots of great events. Among them were:

  1. The brilliant magician’s show which had children and adults in stitches laughing.
  2. The wonderful food dontated by all the parents
  3. The great barbecue which had everybody going back wanting more
  4. The art, balloon and tatooo station which was organised by sixth class
  5. Our penalty shootout, fair games and basketball
  6. Our crazy photo booth
  7. The scouts helped out with their stand, games and treats
  8. The wonderful entertainment provided on the stage
  9. The tuck shop

The list is endless and I’m sure that I have forgotten about something. The great thing about the day was meeting up with all the members of our school community and being able to have time for a chat when usually we are all rushing in the morning every day in school. Many thanks to all the PTA for organising such a wonderful community event. It was so good that even the rain couldn’t get in the way of everyone having a great time. There are lots of photos from the day on the @lucaneastet twitter feed.


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