The cold winter winds are beginning to blow and we are putting on our heating system this week. The office has sent out standing order mandates for voluntary contributions to the school along with brown envelopes for those who want to contribute in this way. All money raised helps us to fund our excess lighting and heating bills as well as extras like maths and reading equipment, cleaners salaries and other expenses. We ask all our families to give what they can no matter how little and we realise that all our families have been hit by cutbacks not just our school.
Next Friday is book day and all the children and staff will be dressing up as their favourite book character in what is always a great day in the year for the school.
Art and craft classes for parents continue on mondays and First class parents are having a great time at our maths for fun workshop. Our English classes for parents are starting next week. If you would like to be part of any of these classes contact the school office.
The school will close next Friday for the mid term break and as well as celebrating book day we will also be celebrating all the children who have 100% attendance or have really improved their attendance.
Our workshop on volunteering in the school takes place next Wednesday at 7.30pm and I want as many parents as possible to take part as it will give us a better idea of what you want for the school and how you contribute. We will send a text on monday and wednesday to remind you about this event.
Bíodh deireadh seachtaine deas agaibh (Have a nice weekend),
Eddie Fox



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