Gráinne’s Letter to All

10th January 2021

Dear Parents & Guardians,

I hope that all of your families are keeping safe and well in these very difficult times once again.  We now find ourselves back in a situation that none of us wanted. Every school in Ireland will be teaching remotely for the next three weeks. 

I know that many of you are worrying about how you will manage to support your child’s learning during this time in addition to all of the other things that are going on at home. Remember that every child nationwide is in the same boat.  Our students and teachers made great progress over the last number of months catching up on what was missed last year and we will do that again on our return.

Covid-19 has affected many families in different ways. It has added stress and anxiety to everyone’s lives. It is important that home learning does not add to that stress. While remote learning is no substitute for school, it will offer a sense of belonging, purpose and connectivity for your children. It is important that your child engages with tasks and activities assigned but also that your child is happy and relaxed.

Here a few suggestions which may assist you in setting up a home learning routine with your child:

  • Have a chat with your child about your expectations of them during home learning.
  • Make up a rough timetable that fits around your individual situation at home.
  • Factor in breaks for your child. If you can, try to include a walk/cycle/scoot for your child during the day to get some fresh air.
  • Use T.V or screen time as a reward when all school work is completed and uploaded. This will give your child a sense of achievement as they will feel they have earned it.

Be realistic in what you can do at home. Remote learning is not for you to do, but for your child.  If your child does not understand something, email the class teacher.  Our teachers want to help and are available during school hours via email to answer any questions you may have.  Encourage your child to engage in the learning and encourage independence.  If your child does not know how to do something, ask them questions rather than solving it for them. They will get there. All of the children have been taught how to use See Saw and Google classroom in school. They have been taught how to use the functions of these platforms. They will be able to do it. Your technical ability is not being assessed.

The work will include book work and online engagement. The teachers will set tasks for every day of the week for your children and provide feedback. They will be available online to answer any questions via email.  There will be class calls during the week and a whole school assembly every Friday, so your child will see their teachers and friends online and connect with each other.  

If you have anything you want to discuss with me or our home school teacher Sinead you can contact her at or 086 170 1972 or email me at

We are here to support your children through this difficult time. Hopefully, we will be able to give them a focus and a sense of connection to the school while we are closed.  It goes without saying that everyone’s physical health and well-being must come first.  As I said the last time, this too shall pass.  We will be back in school (soon I hope) focused on making sure that your children continue to thrive in school.  We’ll get through this together.

Here’s a little message from me to all of you and your children :

(N.B. to submit a ‘Clap for our Frontline Workers’ video please send a 5 second landscape video clip to by 1 pm on Weds 13th Jan)

Stay safe and keep well.

Warmest wishes,