Have you noticed the new upgraded school garden. With the weather being cold and wet it has taken us a bit longer to get planting this year but we kept ourselves busy starting to plant seeds in the classroom. There will be a variety of vegetables planting in the beds including peas, sweetcorn, lettuce, pumpkins and courgettes. We are trying to encourage more bees to the area and have planted lots of flowers and bee bombs to entice these important creatures in. We need to give a big thanks to Amelia and Ruby in 5th class who created a fairy garden. Who knows how many fairies will come to stay. Don’t forget to check on the bug hotel as I don’t think the government have put any restrictions on them and they could be holidaying there as you read this. 

Be sure to keep an eye on the vegetables as they grow and check if they need to be watered or weeded. Also watch out for snails and slugs to make sure they don’t snack too much on our crops. If you see any litter in the school garden do the green thing and pick it up!


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