Walk on Wednesday

Here is an example of how WOW works. This example was taken from the UK The WoW (Walk Once a Week) scheme has been running since 2005 and today, it helps over 300,000 children get walking across the UK. WoW is the largest national walk to school programme and a recent survey found that schools taking part enjoy walking rates 9% higher than the national average.

How does WoW work?
Every child who walks at least once a week earns a highly collectable pin badge every month. These popular WoW badges are designed by children themselves in one of the largest children’s art competitions in the UK. The scheme can be run during any term and children can collect up to 11 badges each school year. We also offer a range of helpful classroom resources including Wallcharts, Term Passports and Certificates.
WoW resources for 2011/12 will be cheaper than the current range, and core resources (including badges, wallcharts, and term passports) will now be 10% cheaper than before, costing £2.32 per child across the year in a classroom of 30. Furthermore, our WoW badges will now be made with recycled materials and manufactured in the UK. An independent evaluation of WoW found that it was a very simple and effective way to increase walking rates – read the full report to find out how much of a difference WoW can make. Check out our rules to find out more about how it works.