Children are given homework which is work that supports and complements the work being carried out at school. This policy was written by the principal in conjunction with the deputy principal. It was then circulated to the staff where further amendments were made. The homework policy of Lucan East ETNS works in tandem with all other existing policies of the school.

The type of homework and amount will vary from time to time and from class to class but will increase as the child progresses through the school. Individual class teachers will correspond with parents outlining details. Parents are informed at the class meeting at the start of the year how much homework to expect and what kind and form it will take.

Parents are encouraged to help their children to develop a positive approach to homework by setting aside a time in the day when they can complete their tasks.

Homework is set as a way of informing and involving parents in their child’s learning process, as well as enjoying activities and having fun.

All pupils are encouraged to read in their own time every day. From an early age they will bring home their reading books the school hopes that parent and child will share the excitement of reading books together.

Parents are also encouraged to spend time allowing and supporting children to develop life skills by encouraging them to read things around them e.g. labels, street signs etc as well as writing letters, stories, notes, lists and familiarise themselves with every day maths. This is supported and reinforced by staff during school time.

Homework assignments in English and Mathematics  and Gaeilge are given on a regular basis with particular emphasis on spellings and tables. Once again parental help with the learning of spelling and number patterns is much valued and has a noticeable impact on children’s learning.

Recommended daily Homework

Class Time
JI and SI 10 – 15 minutes
First and Second Class Up to 30 minutes
Third and Fourth Class 30 – 45 minutes
Fifth and Sixth Class Up to 1 hour
  • Homework assignments may involve research, writing, reading or leaning and should be completed on time
  • The standard of any written homework assignment should be in line with the golden rule of We work hard and be presented to the highest standard appropriate to the pupil’s ability. The golden rule which state “Come to school on time and prepared” encourages the children to have a sense of responsibility about their work.
  • Learning homework is just as important as written assignments and adequate time should be devoted to learning assignments
  • Homework assignments will be recorded in the pupil’s homework journal from 1st to 6th class. The journal will also act as a form of communication between the home and the class. It is important to inform the class teacher if a child is having difficulty with homework or if homework has not been completed on a specific day due to unavoidable circumstances.
  • Reading with a parent on a daily basis is to be encouraged.
  • There is a homework diary in operation from first class onwards and parents sign this diary along with the amount of time it has taken the child to complete their homework. This is used by the class teacher and parents as a good communication tool between the home and the school.