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In Lucan East ETNS we understand that all families are different and will approach this time in their own unique way. This is a suggested timetable for those who may consider it useful.

Academic Time: Practice your mental maths facts e.g. your multiplication and division tables. You can play games with an adult or use websites like topmarks, mathletics or mangahigh .

Creative Time: Draw a picture, play music, build with Lego or make something you love to eat (always ask an adult for help with this).


Academic Time: Do work assigned by your teacher.

Activity Break: Go for a walk or do an activity on Go Noodle.


Academic Time: Read two chapters of your library book. Write today’s entry in your daily diary.

Mindful Breaks: Activities offered in the following link include mindful colouring, meditations and a wellness journal walk in my shoes resources .

Activity Break: 10 @ 10 exercises rte junior 10at10 . Go for a cycle or do some yoga CosmicKidsYoga .