Lucan East Green School

Our Green School  Code is: “Don`t just be clean try to be

We are learning not to just put our
rubbish in any bin but to put it in the right bin!

In school this means:

Putting general waste in our red bins,
putting our compost in the black bins and putting our recycled waste in our
white bins!








At the end of each day members of our
Green School committee bring the bins from each classroom to our recycling
depot! This helps to ensure that our recycled waste ends up in our big green
bin and our compost ends up in our big compost bin for use in our school












Our Green School mascot  is called Mr. Glister .









He is planet Earth. He was designed by the pupils in 3rd Class.

Mr. Glister helps to remind us how
important it is to keep our world clean and tidy!

Soon we are going to have a Green
School Awareness Day. Please look back here next week for all the details.

Also, the next time you’re in the
school drop into the hall to see our Green School display. There’s lots of
information there and interesting facts about planet Earth!



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