This Monday Poland class worked very hard hard on the play and some people started to not use their scripts anymore!Monday 10/12/18

This Tuesday the girls and the boys were seperated,the boys were playing with legos and the girls have started to knit.Tuesday 11/12/18

This Wednesday everyone was practicing harder than most of the days,we started to name some props we might use for the play and we started to making our voices  sound like the character we were playing as and make them clearer and louder.Wednesday 12/12/18

This Thursday was the time we were going to peace proms.We got to do maths before we left. (we stayed in our classes for maths unlike swaping maths classes.)After maths we got to eat lunch early so we wont be hungry.At 9:30 we went outside to get on the bus.The trip was around 30 minutes long but we got to choose where we sat.At around 10:00 we reached our destination and went inside.Before we started singing and dancing we had Focous.Station 1 was looking up,Focus 2 was looking at the ground,Focus 3 was looking at the guy who was doing the dances and singing with us.At around half way 1 teacher from each school was selected to go to a meeting with the other school teachers.At 12:00 we got dismissed and went back into the bus.We got back to school at around 12:30.We ate once again because most people were hungry.We practised our play and this practise was mostly to remember our lines.Thursday 13/12/18

Today/This Friday,at assembly Paula got a teacher from Belfast called Arlene who has built a school for people in a very poor country called Cambodia.We saw a little video about what she has done and told us about how girls can do boy things or boys can do girl things.Friday is also the last day where we can practise our play with our scripts,except the narrarators who get their script for the play.As always we have golden time witch is the last part of the day and the rest of the week.When  golden time is over we open the bank of dojo to buy things we can use next week.When this is all over we go home and come back on Monday.

by andreea