Last week on Monday at the end of the day, in Poland class we started  learning dance moves in P.E. It was great fun to learn about dancing from other schools on YouTube.

On Tuesday we started learning about micro bits and all of it’s functions. Also how you could program them to do whatever you want them to. One of the functions was a die which would give a number between 0 and whatever you want, another function was where it could spell your name or anything  you want.

On Wednesday we leaned about  Kazimir Malevich and that his art is about using shapes to create pictures. A few of us copied his idea and a few of us made our own ones. We done P.E again with another version of the dances we did last time.

On Thursday we did the science a-z program with sound. There was a music video with lots of instruments involved in it. Everybody watched it and all of us danced to it.

On Friday it was sadly, the last day of clubs but, there will be different clubs next time in the next term.

by Luis and David



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