From 13th to the 21st of October Maths week will be celebrated around Ireland.

During this week I am hoping to organise some fun Maths Activities in the school. On Wed 17th and Thurs 18th I will need some volunteers. The time given can be used to earn time bank credits.

We need your help…

The activities will be set up in the multi-purpose area and each class will have time there to explore mathematically.

I need some helpers to stand at these tables and guide the children through the activities. You do not need to be an expert in Maths to help as each stand will have a clear set of instructions and I will go through the activities with you.

Have you a spare hour or two? Can you help? If you are free and are interested I will have a meeting on Thursday 11th October from 1-1.30 in the parents room. In the meantime you can give your name to Lesley or send me an email to

I look forward to seeing you.

Thanks in advance,





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