Japan and Poland class had so much fun at their Art Workshops. Martina, the art teacher, guided the children through the lessons and they created a selection of fabulous things, including a papier mache egg, a mosaic tile, a tree using real twigs, a 3D lighthouse scene, hens and more!

We would like to thank all the parents who helped with the creations and the tidy up – Patrick, Anna Marie, Deborah and Nicola in Poland Class and Marie, Galina, Therese, Shankar, Denise, Méabh, Jaffray, Fiona and Kenza in Japan Class. The parents really enjoyed the workshops too and some said they hadn’t had as much fun in years!

It was lovely to see the parents and children working together in a fun, friendly, creative environment.

Art Japan 8 Art Japan 9 Art 1 Art 3 Art 4 Art Japan 13 Art Japan 14 Art Japan 15 Art Japan 7


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