Another very busy month in Brazil class. In Gaeilge we learned all about Ag Siopad√≥ireacht (shopping) while in Maths we explored topics such as division, 2D shapes and symmetry! We also created great mimes based on children’s rights and role plays based on different situations that could happen at playtime.

maths photo (5)

photo (4)

In Visual Art we learned about the artist Hundertwasser. He loved spirals, colours and shapes when drawing houses. We created some houses based on his ideas! We also made some tessellating shapes and rotational symmetry.

photo (6)

photo (8)

In S.E.S.E. we completed projects about houses around the world and learned all about Italy. Check out some of our projects below! We also learned about free falling objects and air resistance and the food pyramid in Science.

photo (3) photo (7) photo 10 photo

photo 11

photo 12 photo 13


We have been focusing on our narrative writing in English and have written some really interesting stories! That’s all our news for November!



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