Parent Meeting

Over the coming weeks, your child’s teacher will be having a morning meeting for parents to outline the plan for the year. Among the things covered are homework, class rules and procedures etc. This is a great opportunity for parents to get to know everything they need to know about the class so each child can make the best possible start to the year. We would really like for all parents to attend. Here is the list of dates for each class meeting:

Senior Infants: Tuesday September 5th – Fiji, Wednesday September 6th – Finland

1st Class: Thursday September 7th – Italy, Friday September 8th – Canada

2nd Class: Tuesday September 12th – Austria, Wednesday September 13th – Sweden

3rd Class: Thursday September 14th – Iceland, Friday September 15th – Peru

4th Class: Tuesday September 19th – Japan, Wednesday September 20th – Poland

5th Class: Thursday September 21st – Greece, Friday September 22nd – Chile

6th Class: Tuesday September 26th – France, Wednesday September 27th – Australia

The meetings start at 8.45 and last about 15 minutes.

We look forward to meeting as many parents as possible at the meetings.


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