Learning all about Length in France Class

France Class have been doing lots of measuring over the past few weeks. We have measured things in our classroom using cubes, lollipop sticks, straws and the spans of our hands and feet. There were lots of things to measure in the school and at home, we always made an estimation before recording our results. We also measured areas around the school like the junior yard using big steps called strides!

2013-05-02 14.03.44 2013-05-02 14.03.51 2013-05-02 14.04.38


We learned that the unit of measurement is called the metre. Today we used metre sticks, metre rulers and metre strings to measure big things like the whiteboard, the windows and the corridor! We have had lots of fun learning about length. During P.E. we recorded the length of our beanbag throws. Callum’s beanbag travelled the furthest landing at 9 metres!

2013-05-10 10.19.39 2013-05-10 10.19.19 2013-05-10 10.18.59 2013-05-10 10.18.50

2013-05-10 10.18.36

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