Australia Class News


We have been doing so many things in Australia Class that we have been very busy! Have a look:


2013-12-19 12.01.54

An art project with Tom and Brandon.

2014-01-27 11.40.01


In Australia Class, we have been learning all about birds! We made bird cakes so the birds had food during the winter. Here we all are hanging them out!

2014-01-27 11.34.59 2014-01-27 11.33.30



2014-01-29 11.48.46


We had visitors to Australia Class. We saw this bird eating from just outside our class window! It’s a pity he flew off before Tom could get a better photo!


2014-01-28 11.04.15

2014-02-05 13.45.03

Jordan (with Gabriel) taking part in an experiment about brushing your teeth and how important it is to use a glass of water instead of leaving the tap running!

2014-02-06 12.09.09 2014-02-06 12.09.32

Maxi Zoo came to visit us. We got to see (and even pet) a bearded dragon, and hear the whistles of a beautiful parrot!

2014-02-17 08.52.55


2014-02-18 08.52.48

Our EGGSperiment! We talked about how people in our lives care for us and decided to take on a project. Using an egg, we had to look after it for a whole weekend, including making a home for him/ her, keeping them safe and providing love and care. It showed us just how much work our carers put in!

Check in again for more news!