Brazil class took part in a coding lesson. We used the Lightbot app to learn how to code and program a robot. We took turns with our partner to take a shot at each level but if your partner gets stuck you can help.

It was difficult at times but we tried our best to get through each level. Simon thought us how to do the things we didn`t know how to program because there were new things coming after a few levels.

The moves we used were left, right, forward, jump, light, P1 and P2. We would use P1 and P2 for when you wanted to do a few moves at once and P2 was the same thing. You would do his by putting a number of moves in the P1 or P2 column.

Brazil class really enjoyed trying Lightbot on the Ipads and learning how to program a mini robot. We hope you try this at home and have fun. By the way level 2-5 is really hard. Thank you. 🙂

Lucy and Shahzaib

photo 1 photo 2


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