We have had an exciting time in Australia class over the last while. We got to make an SESE class project all about the Solar System where we learned all about the planets. Everyone took part in different ways and we really enjoyed presenting it to other classes!

We learned all about how to write a procedure, including how to make some yummy treats! For Book Day, we all dressed up as some of our favourite book characters.

Finally, Skippy John visited us and we learned some valuable new skills to help us with our skipping. Have a look at our photos!


With our finished Solar System project!

2013-10-25 11.26.29

Dylan stirring our witches brew!


Photo 25-10-2013 11 34 26


Book Day!


2013-10-01 12.09.03


The beginning of our project!

Photo 12-11-2013 10 25 19 (1) 2013-11-12 10.25.13 Photo 12-11-2013 10 25 04 Photo 12-11-2013 10 25 22 Photo 12-11-2013 10 28 07 (1)

Skipping with Skippy John.

2013-11-14 12.23.26

Brandon and Michelle with our Kindness Chain. When we see a kind act in school or at home, we fill in a link and it is added to our chain! We hope by June it will fit around the whole room!

Check in again soon for more Australia Class news!



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