We are delighted that the Senior Infant Bedtime Reading Club has begun. We were so lucky to get books donated from South Dublin County Council for this project. The aim is to encourage you all to read to your children every night. There is no nicer way to finish the day than with a cuddle and a story.

This club is run by the parents from Senior Infants for the children in Senior Infants. The library trolley will be set up every Monday at 1.10pm at the school entrance. You are encouraged to borrow a book and to read this story every night to your child. We ask that all the children respect the books and return them the following Monday to their class teacher, so we can get the library trolley set up for later that day. You will only be able to borrow a book if you have returned the previous one. If you would like any information about joining Lucan library, please come and talk to Rebecca. We hope you enjoy this project and give your child the gift of the love of reading!

bedtime-reading-clip Bedtime Reading Trolley


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