Dear Parents,

After the talk from the Public Health Nurse yesterday, we decided to roll out the Bug Busting method in our school. It is a simple, safe and dependable way to detect and eradicate head lice.

Please read the attached document or watch the video clip below. Both outline the bug busting method. All you need is conditioner (any brand) and a fine comb.

We have chosen 4 bug busting days, where you will need to treat your child’s hair at home:

DAY 1: Friday 10th March – Wash, rinse, condition and fine comb the hair while the conditioner is in. Then rinse the hair. This will leave the lice without a home.

DAY 5: Tuesday 14th March – Leave 3 days and repeat the above. This will remove the lice hatching from the eggs before they can reproduce.

DAY 9: Saturday 18th March – Leave 3 days and repeat the conditioning and combing. By day 10, the last eggs (which were laid before the start of the bug busting) hatch.

DAY 13: Wednesday 22nd March – This is the 4th time to Bug Bust. All the lice are cleared. Only shiny empty shells might  be left in the hair.

Bug Bust (condition and comb) once a week from then on and if lice are found, start the 4 day bug busting method again. 

If all the families in the school do the bug busting on these days, we will have a great chance of ridding our school from head lice. 

If you have any questions, please contact Rebecca – or phone 0861701972.

Many Thanks



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