Dear Parents,

Class sizes in primary schools are under threat in the next budget. As a result, the INTO (Irish National Teacher’s Organisation) has launched a campaign to protect primary education and investment in children’s futures. This campaign is also supported by Educate Together.

You can become involved by:

1. Sending a postcard to your T.D. and encouraging others to do the same. These postcards are available in the reception area of the school. They look like this. Please take one.


2. You can also send an email to your T.D. (a local politician that represents your area).

You can do this using the following link. Change the subject line of the e-mail and feel free to add your own comments.,30215,en.php


3. Attend the protest in Marlborough Street on 2nd October from 4:30pm to send a strong message to Government


Many thanks for taking the time to read this message. Children’s quality of education should not suffer as a result of government cutbacks and savings. Our Children are our Future.


Shane (Lucan East ETNS INTO Representative)



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