A chara,

Great news, we have redesigned our website and online ordering system. We are delighted to be finally rolling out our new system:

  • Children with allergies or religious preferences can now be edited by the parent/school (call the office for detailed instructions)
  • We have added new products eg Plain chicken wrap, Halal chicken wrap and a Ham wrap
  • You will notice certain products are only available on certain days, this is to encourage variety

If editing online, you may see ‘No Product’ or ‘No Filling’ in certain fields, please ensure you choose an item before hitting the confirm button. This may occur if the child is currently receiving an item which was available on the old menu. We plan to phase out these items over the coming weeks.

The school will receive a full explanation and flyers for all parents very shortly. In the meantime, any queries can be answered by calling Carambola on 1850812300.

Kindest Regards

The Carambola Team



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