Our annual winter concerts take place Wednesday and Thursday of this week.  The theme of the concerts this year is “strength and courage”. Our winter concerts are always a highlight every year. The schedule is as below:

Junior Infants & Senior Infants

Wednesday 18th of December – 11.15am – Rang 1 & Rang 2

Thursday 19thth of December –  9.15am – Rang 3, Rang 4

Thursday 19th of December – 11.15am – Rang 5, Rang 6

  • This year we will be videoing the concert and making it available to parents through a link free of charge.   We ask that no videoing/photography takes place during the show and we will have photographs uploaded on our website afterwards.
  • Please be patient in the car park as we anticipate there will be a high volume of traffic on the concert days.

We look forward to seeing all the parents attend and support all the children in the school.


Beir Bua,