France Class have been doing lots of great work over the last term. Here are a few of the interesting things we learned about.

We were learning all about the South Pole and the different animals that live there like penguins, seals and blue whales.

We found out lots of interesting facts about penguins and made some penguins out of clay for Art.


In Maths we learnt about weight and capacity. We tried out weighing lots of different things and saw which was lighter and which was heavier. We also looked at home for different items that weighed 1kg or containers that held 1 litre.




In History we learned about Leonardo Da Vinci and thought he was a very interesting man who had many talents.

We made plans for inventions just like him and we also tried out his mirror writing technique. This is how he kept all of his ideas a secret!




Most recently we have been looking at different types of houses and homes. We drew plans of different houses, focusing on using different types of lines. We then drew our house onto a printing block and made a print of the house. These can be seen outside our classroom.

P1000764 P1000765 P1000766 P1000767 P1000768 P1000775



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