Hi everyone,

As part of the Bealtaine Festival which celebrates ‘Creativity as we Age’. We are having a Grandparents Morning in Lucan East ETNS on Friday 1st June.

A Grandparent or older person in your family may already have received their invitation!


Grandparents are invited to the school on Friday 1st June. They can share a story or song from when they were in school, bring a picture from the past or an object they have made that they would like to tell the children about.


Upon arrival the grandparents will be invited to attend assembly, please ensure that you arrive at the right time!


Junior Assembly Junior Infants to 2nd class:

Grandparents of JI to 2nd class invited to come to school at 8.50. 

Senior Assembly 3rd to 6th class

Grandparents of 3rd to 6th  class invited to come to school at 9.50. 


After each assembly, the grandparents will go to their grandchild’s class. The children are very excited about this! Then, grandparents are invited to the school library for tea/ coffee & sandwiches.

We are all looking forward to a great day.

If any parents are free on the morning to help the PTA organise the refreshments we would really appreciate it.

Many Thanks,


HSCL Coordinator


PH: 086 170 1972


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