Introducing the new green school committee:


The members were chosen from each of the classes in the school from Junior infants to 6th class. They are Fia, Amaya, Alanna, Sebastian. Amelia, Zaynab, Julia, Luca, Bartoz, Lena, Mahnor, Gabrielle, Nika, Arham and Carly.

The group have already started working towards the next flag which is for bio diversity. Bio diversity means all life on earth, everything from humans to insects, flowers to plants. No matter how small or big we need to take care of it. Each person has a responsibility to look after the nonvirulent. We do a lot already in the school. Each class has planted something for the school garden. We hope with all the plants and flowers that bees will be encouraged to visit our garden to collect nectar and pollinate for us.

If you want to help out check out the green school board for ideas.

Here are some pictures of the garden and what we have growing so far.




Herbs-mint, basil and chives




Many thanks to the green school who have been weeding and watering the garden during these sunny days!



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