Intercultural Day

Dear Parent,

It’s that time of year again when Lucan East celebrates food and cultures from around the world. Intercultural Food Day will take place on Tuesday 12th February

On this day children can wear traditional dress or even a county Jersey!

This year we are looking for parents to host an intercultural festival in our school hall. We would be so grateful if families could volunteer some time and bring in a sample of food from their home country, for students to try. As we have children with nut allergies we would ask that you send in food that contains no nuts.

What happens on the day?

8.40 : Food that parents have prepared is brought to the hall and parent volunteers set up the tables.

9:00- 12:30: Children come to the hall in their class groups to taste the food, parent volunteers help with serving.

1:00: Parents are welcome to come in to sample food.. if there is any left!!

If cooking isn’t your thing maybe you might like to show some pictures or information about your country on a stand in the hall. Or even play some music?

If you can help out on the day let me know and If you have any questions please ask

Many Thanks,


HSCL coordinator


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