Intercultural week will be taking place in Lucan East ET for the week beginning 26th May. This is an opportunity to get to know each other better and to enjoy aspects of all our cultures.

We have lots of activities planned for the children to take part in throughout the week but these will only be successful with your help.

We plan to have an Intercultural Food Day Wednesday 28th May where the children get to taste food from around the world. We would greatly appreciate if parents could donate home cooked food to the school for this day.

We would also like to provide the opportunity to try henna tattoos on Monday 26th May but we need parents help with this who have experience with henna tattoos.

If any parents would like to come in during the week to tell stories about their home countries or read a book or sing a song or show a dance or play an instrument to their child’s class, please let the class teacher know and they would be more than happy to facilitate you.

We would also love to set up a skype conversation between each class and a child’s grandparents. Spain class and Romania class had a skype conversation with another school in Dublin before the Easter break and they enjoyed it immensely and we really feel this would be great fun for the children.

This week will only work if we have the parents’ help so please tick below if you can do the following and send back to the class teacher.

Much appreciated

Karen, Deirdre, Alan and Simon


I can cook food for Wednesday 28th May

I can do henna tattoos on Monday 26th May

I can come into the class to tell home stories, sing songs, read poetry, play an instrument.

Grandparents living in another country are available for skype conversation



Parent of:

Child’s class:



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