This week in Norway class we have been learning about Anne Frank and we did research about her and we learned that  she was born in  June 12, 1929 and died when she was only 15 . Then in our S.E.S.E copy we pretended that we were Anne Frank and  wrote in our diary named Kitty. On Mathletics  we were 3rd place in the  top 50 classes in Ireland. In Irish we are learning about money. Norway class are so excited because they can’t wait for the play at a quarter past  9. In Simons maths class we have been learning   about money and fractions.  Yesterday all of Norway class went to the infants play it was very interesting and then after lunch 1st class 2nd class watched us. We were learning about a spider called The Huntsman but luckily it doesn’t hunt men but if you see it its best to just leave it alone because he can get rid of insects. Huntsmen can be found in gardens or woody places like under tree bark and bushes. We made ‘Friendship and Peace’ banners for the winter play too.

By: Ruta and Markas



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