Norway News!

This week in school we did solids, liquids and gases in science. We learned that rice, sand, sugar and flour are solids even though they can pour. We also learned that water, juice and sauce are all liquids. Ice, paper, metal and wood are solids. This week its Ali’s birthday! He became 10!

We did posters to save energy! They are all turning out really well. We did slogans for them and we went around to classes and explained to them that the schools energy is wasting and it’s very important to save up energy.

We learned about Tutankhamen and Ancient Egypt. It’s very interesting. Did you know that they removed every organ except for the heart when the people died? Yuk! We learned that the pyramids of Giza belonged to king Khufu, his son and grandson.

We also did Eadai in Irish and time and money in Maths.

By: Jada and Abdulah

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