On Friday, we released our beautiful Painted Lady Butterflies! We watched them transform from caterpillars into cocoons into butterflies before our very eyes! We couldn’t believe the amazing transformation and we took great care of them.

We were a little bit sad when they left us, but we were also happy because they were going to live their lives as free butterflies! We hope we will see them soon and maybe they might come visit!


2014-05-27 08.59.03




Our first butterfly – We called her Pippin!







2014-05-28 10.42.51



They have all come out of their cocoons – The red liquid is called meconium, and the butterlies need to get rid of this after they come out of their cocoons!






2014-05-30 11.35.16











2014-05-30 11.38.03





Saying goodbye in the classroom!




2014-05-30 11.47.04




This was just before we released them.

BYE guys, and we will see you soon!


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