Australia and France class went on their school tour today to Causey Farm. We all had a wonderful time. We visited lots of animals including the 3 day old piglets and chicks. Some children managed to hold the hens. We blew giant bubbles and played the bodhran. The highlight of our tour was the bog jumping were everyone had lots of messy fun. Thanks you to all our tour guides at Causey Farm for the great day.20150611_104145 20150611_104200 20150611_104339 20150611_104413 20150611_104548 20150611_104709 20150611_104738 20150611_105048 20150611_105507 20150611_105546 20150611_105657 20150611_110110 20150611_114647 20150611_114738 20150611_114807 20150611_121143 20150611_122736


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