Our week Parents Plus course has started. It runs on a Thursday morning for two hours. This eight week course draws on well-researched ideas on child development, parent communication and behaviour management. It aims to support parents/guardians who want to find ways to help their children: learn how to play and get on with other children; be happy and emotionally secure; improve their attention and concentration; and expand their language and learning. The course also tackles the subject of behaviour problems and illustrates ways of managing tantrums and misbehaviour, helping children to be more cooperative and to keep rules, and teaching children how to behave well. Some of the topics covered on the course include:

  • Positive parenting
  • Positive communication
  • Establishing rules and routines
  • Problem solving with your children
  • Developing prevention and discipline plans

Overall, the aim is to help parents have close, connected relationships with their children, and to help them raise emotionally secure and happy children who reach their full potential. The course facilitators are Rebecca (HSCL, Lucan East ETNS) and Gemma (HSCL, Esker ETNS). We have already developed a great rapport with each other in the class and we hope the parents are learning new tips and strategies, as well as forming some friendships with others.

Parents Plus week 1


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