I would like to ask all parents to ensure that they follow the car parking stewards instructions in the yard in the morning and afternoon. It is in the interests of all our safety. I would also ask that inexperienced drivers do not come into the car park as it can lead to blockages if a driver is unable to maneuvre their car properly. We only have a certain number of spaces in our school so I would really encourage all families to walk and to car pool. I would also encourage those families living a kilometre or less from the school to walk every day and that those parents who live farther away should park and stride. Please also refain from double parking on the roundabout and attempting to turn without using the roundabout.

We would like to use the yard after infant collection until 2pm for PE for the children so I would also ask that parents do not come too early at senior collection time.

I really appreciate your cooperation on this and realise that this is a problem faced by every school in the area. I know I would prefer to spend an enjoyable 15 to 20 minutes walking home from school as opposed to 45 minutes being stressed in the car to make a journey of about a kilometre.  One walking parent has commented that we are not made of sugar and that the walk to school has become her favourite part of the day regardless of whether it is raining or not.

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