Hi all,
It has been a couple of weeks since I have written. I hope everyone is keeping well and enjoying the current spell of good weather. All is good here at Lucan East. Unfortunately it’s not possible to mention all the wonderful work that is currently taking place but I will draw your attention to a couple of items below.
Rua Red
Margaret from Rua Red has been in working hard with the 6th class children. They are participating in an exciting art project and as part of this they went to an art exhibition in Rua Red. They have started to create a wonderfully fun and colourful mural on the wall near the outdoor classroom. They have been especially lucky with the good weather and have spent some lovely afternoons outside working on their James Rizzi inspired art work. I look forward to unveiling it to the school community once it has been completed.
Car park meeting
An important meeting will take place in the school hall on Wednesday the 3rd of April from 7pm – 8pm. This meeting will focus on the future car parking situation at Lucan East and is opened to everyone to attend. Information on upcoming changes will be provided so it would be appreciated if as many parents as possible would attend. I look forward to seeing you all there.
Building update
Thank you to all the parents/guardians for facilitating the school closure on Friday 22nd March. The department requested this as they felt the weekend was not going to be long enough to carry out the necessary works on the school. The works which took place were further investigatory works. The builders were gathering more information to guide the works that will be carried out during the summer. In order to complete the works the builders will require access to the school for the full two months of the summer holidays. The building and grounds will be declared a building site and will be unavailable to the school community. In relation to the scaffolding the builders have said they will do all they can to have it removed by September but unfortunately this cannot be guaranteed just yet. We will write to the department on this matter to highlight how the scaffolding has resulted in reduced play space for the children.
Junior Entrepreneur Programme
5th and 6th class children continue to participate in the Junior Entrepreneur Programme. They are showcasing their products today between 11:00 and 12:00. They will be selling slime, lip balms, sugar scrubs, and Mother’s day cards all made by the students themselves. What an excellent initiative and one that the children have learned so much from participating in.
Outreach classes
Our Outreach classes are going on a special trip to Liffey Valley. They are going to take the Dublin bus over and are going to buy a special person a little treat. They were all very excited heading off this morning.
Work on the garden
The garden has undergone some great work in recent weeks and is really looking great. Thank you to everyone who has helped out here. It is a beautiful addition to our school grounds and one that the children really enjoy.
Maths 4 Fun
Parents form senior infants, Germany class were in during the week to help the students with their maths. A big thank you to all who could make it in and I have heard it was a lovely success.
Lost Property
The lost property storage  unit was removed by the builders prior to the works last weekend and is now in storage.  Please remind your child to be mindful of all their belongings in school and yard.
There is a small box outside the office for lost property until the unit is returned.
That’s it for now, I hope everyone has a lovely weekend and please remember that there is in an important meeting on Wednesday 3rd April at 7 o’clock in the school to discuss the future car parking situation at Lucan East.
Slán libh,



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