Happy friendship day to you all!

Today we come to the end of another busy week here at the school. Here is just a flavour of what has being going on.

We received our active flag which was a great achievement for for everyone in our school community. We had a fantastic day on Wednesday and Olympic athlete Mary Cullen and Dublin Hurler John Mc Caffrey were on hand to add a sense of occasion to the procedings. I had the pleasure of bringing Mary  around to our 18 classes and was so impressed with the insightful questions and comments in all classes from Ghana to Norway class. We wish Mary and John well in the months and years ahead and will cheering them on as they represent us in the Olympic stadium and Croke Park. I would also thank all the parents who helped our Active schools committee out and we know that sport, fitness and being healthy will go from strength to strength in our school. We are hoping to reintroduce our Walk On Wednesday (WOW) initiative in the coming weeks and we will be using the statistics gathered on this in our maths classes.


I was really proud to be part of the Educate Together family in Lucan this week as we launched our common enrolment policy with three of the other ET schools in the area. This new policy will ensure that everybody has a fair chance of coming to our schools and that siblings will be able to go to the same school. Children now only need to enrol in the year before they start. Any enrolments taken under the previous system will be honoured. Lesley will take new enrolments for Junior Infants and higher up the school every Wednesday. The enrolment policy for our outreach classes remains the same.


I am delighted to announce that Rebecca has been appointed as our new full time Home School Community Liaison teacher. You can read Rebecca’s first post on her new job here on the website and look forward to her working with all parents, children and other members of the school community over the coming months. Cathy Campbell has started teaching in Senior Infants and will take them for the rest of the school year.  We are delighted to have Cathy join our team and wish her well in her new appointment.

We are introducing a buddy system in Junior Infants and sixth class to promote friendship and community building across the school and next week we will be electing a new student council. The PTA AGM takes place next Thursday and We would love if as many parents could attend as possible. Rebecca and I will be there also. 

Parking is going well this year. I am asking all parents to refrain from parking on the cycle path on the left hand side as you exit the school as it prevents cyclists from using the path which in turn encroaches on the walkers. Oscar ( our caretaker) and I will be hoping to focus on this in the coming weeks. I would like to sincerely thanks everyone for making going home time a nice time of the day when everyone is in good humour and not getting stressed over traffic. I have spoken to local representatives about widening the road to ensure that the bus does not block traffic when it stops on Griffeen Avenue and we should remember to question our politicians on these issues as well as funding for education with the election around the corner.

Our GAA teams will continue their series of matches in the coming weeks. I was talking to our girl’s team today and it was great to see their enthusiasm and how much they had felt  they had improved since they had started training as a team. Many thanks to all the teachers who give up their time voluntarily in order for the children to take part in the competitions.

Bíodh deireadh seachtaine deas ag gach duine (have a good weekend everyone),














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