The children have been learning to skip with skippy John for the last few days. This will help them with finding new ways to play in the yard and is part of our active schools initiative. Next week classes from senior infants up with the exception of Junior infants and 4th class Australia will have their parent teacher meetings. The parent teacher meetings are an opportunity for you to meet with your child’s teacher away from the busy school day and discuss their learning and progress. It is a really valuable time and I urge you all to make use of it. Teachers have been in contact with parents over the past number of weeks so your appointment should be sorted by now.

The PTA will be having a meeting on Thursday 19th of November at 7.30pm. There will be a seperate post on this website with more details.

The parent portal helps you to track your child’s attendance and contains all their school reports. It is a great resource to parents. If you are having trouble accessing the portal please contact please contact Rebecca our Home school teacher on 086 1701972.

Junior Infant parents will have noticed our two 5th class welcomers every morning as you bring your child to their class. They are greeting all our parents in Irish. If you would like to answer them you can either say Maidin mhaith – good morning or dia dhuit (pronounced dia gwit). They are doing a great job so it would be great if you could encourage them.


Beir bua,






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