A chairde,

This week we were looking at environmental awareness and care at assembly and we were looking at climate change and what we can do to stop it from getting worse we also looked at global issues in terms of climate change. Here are a number of announcements for the coming weeks:

  • Our winter raffle tickets will be going home next week. Top prizes are a television and some tablets as well as numerous others donated by local business owners. We would like each family to take one book. Money raised will go towards ICT maintenance.
  • We have a new electric door in the reception area of the school. This door will make this area more safe and secure for us all. Visitors will need to be buzzed in by Lesley or another staff member.
  • All parents would have received a concert invitation by this time. Details of all times and dates can be accessed on the website.
  • Many thanks to all drivers who have been patient on rainy days. A little patience goes a long way and Oscar and I really appreciate your cooperation.

Beir Bua,





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