Another busy week done and only one week to go before the summer holidays!  It’s hard to believe.

This week we had our annual talent show performances – and what a talented bunch of students we have.  There were magic tricks and football skills; dancing and singing; jokes, piano playing, science experiments and much more and the shows were enjoyed by all.

Next Wednesday we will have our 6th Class Graduation Ceremony for France Class and Australia Class and we look forward to seeing Eddie there!

We will be handing out our attendance medals on the last day of school for full attendance for term three and our attendance plaques for children who were in school every day this year.

There is a lot of lost property in the school lobby.  It will be placed on a trolley outside the school at hometime every day next week.  If your child has lost any clothing during the year please check the lost property before next Friday. Anything that is not reclaimed by next Friday 29th June will be brought to the charity shop.

The school reports will go live next Monday evening and the list of teachers assigned to each class will be released with them.

We look forward to enjoying our last week of this school year with all of the pupils before they move up to the next class level!

Enjoy the heatwave this weekend and stay safe in the sun,

Le buíochas,





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