Every Tuesday since February we have been doing a cycling safety course in the 3rd and 4th class yard . Mike was our instructor and he taught us the rules of the road, how to turn safely, what to do when we come across a yield or stop sign and how to signal when turning.

This time one person in our class didn’t know how to cycle when we started but at the end of the course he was able to do tricks on his bike.

At the end of the year we will be going to Griffeen park on our bikes with Mike and we should be able to put our skills into practice.

Last Tuesday we were doing yield and stop sign turns and limbo on our bikes ,it was great fun. We had to crouch down on our bikes and go under a plastic pole. Llots of us went under the pole with ease. But some people had very tall bikes and couldn’t get under the pole. Mike and Simon lowered the pole and then it became harder to do it. Simon also had a go he went under the pole twice and crashed into it once.  It was great fun.

By Aaron and Vishnu

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