Books and materials for next year can be purchased directly from the school. This cost covers books, copy books, art materials and photocopying. There is a book rental scheme in operation in the school which has brought down the cost of books significantly for the higher classes and the charge for this scheme is also included in the bill. (detailed list is in the office) The cost of each class is as follows:

Junior infants             100.00€  

Senior Infants             100.00€                                 

1st class                       110.00€                                                                     

2nd class                     105.00€                                             

3rd class                      105.00€                                             

4th class                      105.00€                                             

5th class                      105.00€

6th class                      105.00€

The third and subsequent children do not have to pay the €70 contribution. They pay only for the books. (ie. Child 1(jnr) 100€, Child 2 (1st) 110€, Child 3 (4th) 35.00€)

This year, books can be paid for using our new online payment system. You will receive a text message containing your payment access link, just click on the link and follow the steps. Books paid for online will be given to your child on Thursday 25th June.

For those paying by cash/cheque, school books will be on sale in the hall on Wednesday 3rd June and Thursday 4th June at the following times 8.45-9.15am, 1-1.30pm and 2-2.30pm.


Please note that any parent in receipt of social welfare payments may be entitled to the ‘back to school allowance’ payment. This allowance covers the cost of purchasing books, materials and clothing for school. To apply for this allowance, please contact the Community Welfare Officer at Lucan Health Centre, 1A Sarsfield Park, Lucan Village (016281395).



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