1. Football pitch close to the school
  2. Community hall
  3. Swimming pool/leisure centre
  4. Basketball court that is open in the evening
  5. A big concern is the extra traffic
  6. Noise from the new road beside the school
  7. Why is there no football field with four schools in the area

Lucan East Educate Together NS is a primary school situated within the Clonburris development. The school has been nine years in existence and has worked tirelessly to create a vibrant and happy community.

Lucan East ETNS is an equality based school which is child centred and democratically run. There are currently 450 children attending the school with over 40 staff. The school is part of a common enrolment system with 3 other ET schools which is designed to foster sustainable communities within Lucan by ensuring that children attend their nearest Educate Together School.


The school has engaged our community by:

  • Working with the children in the school and recording suggestions/issues
  • Inviting submissions from staff
  • Carrying out a parent focus group
  • Inviting SDCC planners to work for a session with sixth class
  • Encouraging individual parents to make their own submissions
  • Agenda item discussed at staff meeting
  • Facilitation of a community meeting in the school
  • Discussion at BOM level

These activities have formed the basis for the school’s submission.


In working with the various stakeholders mentioned above the following themes arose:

  1. The development of playing fields which will be used by all the children in the area as very important. There will be over 2500 children attending school between Lucan East, Griffeen Valley ETNS, Kishoge CC and Griffeen Community College. It is imperitive that playing fields and community facilities are within easy reach of schools so that there is not a dependence on bussing children to matches within the Lucan area and to encourage the well being and health of all families living in the area.
  2. Traffic and transport is also a recurring theme. Parents staff and students are very concerned that traffic in Lucan is already at breaking point and an extra 9000 houses will being it to a standstill no matter how many extra buses there were. The Dart underground is seen as vital to the viability of the development which would give commuters a credible alternative to using their cars.
  3. Some children were concerned about current cul de sacs in their area being opened up with new developments.
  4. Concerns have also been expressed about where fire and police stations would be located and if services like these would be frontloaded or only appear later in the development which was felt to have been one of the drawbacks of the Adamstown Development.
  5. There are also concerns about the height of houses nearest to existing development


Playing fields/all weather pitches as they would playable all year. Also local clubs such as Lucan sarsfield are willing to create blitzes etc. for local schools, to encourage child participation in afterschool sports,  but we don’t have a central, communal pitch to use currently. Lucan sarsfield is too far from most teams to walk.


Running is becoming an exercise that a lot children and adults are using to take care of their body and mental health. A running track around the pitch would be of benefit to the whole community for community games etc.




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