The sing along took place on friday the 3rd of february at 1.30 pm and it finished at 2.15pm.

All the classes from 4th-6th walked down into the P.E. hall and sat on the stage. There was great turnout of parents, carers and families to greet us and sing along with us.The harmony group stood at the side of the stage.

There were multiple songs that we sang like Pop Medley ,Raglan Road, Disney Medley, Sia The Greatest, Best Day of my life,Yellow submarine and help from my friends. My favourite [Mohammed’s] song is Yellow Submarine because when I was a little kid I used to hear this songs so much times and it reminds me of my childhood. Laila’s favourite song is help from my friends because my grandad used to sing it to me.

We learned how to sing with the beat of songs and how to stay quiet between transitions, Laila was brilliant help on the computer and learned how to
change songs fast and how to keep the lyrics on screen. 4 children from 5th Class came up with a dance which everyone enjoyed doing.

We want to thank Alan, Carol and Margaret for setting up this Amazing Sing Along for the school.  We can’t believe that after 8 years, it is our last sing along in Primary school! Thank You Very Much :D!!!

By:Mohammed and Laila (Romania Class)


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